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As part of Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen's strategic focus on future technology and innovation companies, Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen has teamed up with SingularityU Nordic in order to offer legal advice to companies residing at SingularityU Nordic in Copenhagen.

SingularityU Nordic is part of Singularity University, a global learning and innovation community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. Singularity University was founded in 2008 in Silicon Valley with support from the likes of Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn. SingularityU Nordic offers educational programs that teach how exponential technologies can be used to positively impact a billion people and also hosts a 7,000 m2 campus in Copenhagen that currently houses over 35 technology-based startups, scaleups, and corporate X divisions.

Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen will, during a limited time, be available to all the growth companies at SingularityU Nordic that may need legal advice, with which Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen together with SingularityU Nordic will support seed and scale-up companies in technology and innovation.

Tony Wendt from Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen says: “There is no doubt that the collaboration is important to keep up with the technologization of companies, but the collaboration is primarily based on an idea of ​​contributing legal knowledge to the tech and innovation environment, so that the companies get a solid legal foundation to build on. In this way there is also a CSR element.”

At SingularityU Nordic, the collaboration is the start of a partnership that seeks to offer competent legal advice to the campus’ wide range of startups and companies. Master of Tech, Justin Lacko from SingularityU Nordic says: “It is a great pleasure for us to be able to offer competent legal assistance to our campus residents. Seed and scale-ups generally undergo a very large transformation in the first few years and therefore often overlook the need for legal guidance. That is why it is extremely relevant to explore this partnership with Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen.”

The collaboration with SingularityU Nordic began in April 2019. If you want to hear more about the collaboration, you can contact Tony Wendt ( or partner Søren Brinkmann (

Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen has extensive experience advising international and Danish businesses on mergers and acquisitions in Denmark. We work closely with investment banks and corporate finance advisory teams to ensure an optimal transactional structure for our clients. Our experiences include venture capital, private equity, joint ventures/strategic alliances, generational successions and equity crowdfunding. We assist with, among other things, cross-border project management, negotiation of sale/purchase and investment agreements as well as shareholders' agreements.

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