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Europe guide to the regulation of international mobility

The internationalisation of business has resulted in the growing need for companies to relocate their staff overseas.

There is also increasing diversification of assignment types, with international secondments and shorter-term assignments now being the norm. Effective international mobility of personnel has therefore become a major task facing any international or expansion-minded business and getting joined up advice in this area is an even greater challenge.

In order to help companies navigate this environment, this Meritas Guide asks five fundamental questions with regards to the laws and regulations governing international mobility and provides answers with respect to 22 countries across Europe.

Associate Stefan Westh Wiencken ( from Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen has contributed to the Meritas Guide regarding Danish law. If you have any questions regarding the Meritas Guide, you are welcome to contact him.

Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen advises foreign businesses on their establishment in Denmark. We work closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Invest in Denmark) and prepare with our clients the smoothest establishment in everything from choice of corporate form, matters on VAT and tax, employment, leaseholds, as well as work and residency permits.


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