Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen is a leading law firm in retail and e-commerce. We advise on marketing, consumer relations, IT, leasing, complaints with public committees and dispute resolution.

Our industry team possesses a high level of expertise and has practical experience from public committees, trade organizations and complaint boards. We also teach about businesses’ material issues in this area at leading institutions of further education.




Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen assists operators in the real estate industry with purchase/sale and property development. Our skill-sets include both investment and residential properties as well as development projects.

Our industry team advises on complex investment and financing structures, lease and development. Additionally, we advise on projects, other contracts, expert opinions and dispute resolution.



Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen has particular experience advising wealthy families and individuals. We have in-depth understanding of the complexity that this entails in regards to long lasting relations, uncompromising trust and absolute discretion. Our skill-sets include estate planning, for example, purchase and sale of businesses, generational succession as well as purchase and sale of properties. We also advise on private law and dispute resolution.

Additionally, our industry team guides and assists a network of asset managers, tax advisors and other advisors in Denmark, London and New York.



Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen has extensive experience advising financial institutions and businesses. The regulation in Denmark and Europa continues its development in bulk and complexity, and with our interdisciplinary and in-depth knowledge of the industry, we assist with strengthening our clients’ competitiveness through flexible solutions.

Our industry team has practical experience as board members, head of legal, office heads, to name a few, in financial businesses, and we have in-depth knowledge of the industry from positions in public complaint boards and the like. Our practical experience also includes close dialogue with the Danish FSA as well as dispute resolution.



Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen has long lasting experience advising Danish and foreign industrial and production companies. The industry is faced with continuing great challenges and undergoes structural changes. Through our practical experiences, our industry team assists in finding constructive and sustainable solutions.

Our industry team advises our clients in their national and international trade as well as contractual relations. This includes advice on suppliers and agents, freight forward agreements, purchase and sale contracts, royalty and licensing agreements, development and cooperation agreements as well as joint ventures. We have particularly extensive experience advising strategically on international conflict resolution models and choice of law considerations.



Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen assists pharma, life science and food businesses on the regulatory challenges connected with research, development and marketing of products on a market experiencing heavier and heavier regulation.

Our industry team has particularly extensive experience with investments in, as well as purchase and sale of, businesses in the health care sector, including the biotech sector.



Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen has extensive experience advising on private equity, venture capital and joint ventures / strategic alliances. We advise on all aspects regarding establishment of funds, shareholders’ and investment agreements, term sheets, investment structures, financing structures and agreements, management (AIFM) and exits.

Our industry team has practical experience as head of legal, board members, advisory board members, etc. in different investment companies and funds, and we teach at leading institutions of further education.



Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen has extensive experience advising start-ups. We advise on all aspects in this area from choice of corporate form, capital structure and financing, protection of rights, employment and lease of property.

Our industry team has great experience working with start-ups from seed and venture capital funds, crowd funding and personal experiences to only name a few.



Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen advises Danish and international technology businesses on vital matters such as protection of rights, organic growth as well as purchase of knowledge-based companies, IT, E-commerce, marketing and data protection.

Our industry team possesses extensive experience from board positions and attorneys in large trade organizations and public committees.